Château Haute Fontaine


The Vineyard & Cave

The Vineyard

Over 60 acres of south facing slopes, all classified AOP Corbières, are planted with 10 grape varietals, ranging from 45 years old vines to recently planted. The soil is argilo-calcaire, the climate is sunny and dry, tempered by the proximity to the sea and fresh winds; all combining to produce the very best of the grape varietals. The vines are pruned to ensure a low yield further enhancing the quality.

The grape varietals within the Corbières Apellation are Syrah, Grenache Noir, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Cinsault for the reds and rosé; Vermentino (Rolle), Grenache Blanc, Marsanne and Muscat p.g. for the whites. The palette for the vin de pays is supplemented by Merlot.

Grapes are harvested at optimum maturity and time of day; either by hand or machine. We harvest white, rosé and the machine harvested reds at night to ensure the the grapes arrive at the winery cool and fresh thus capturing the maximum of aromas and flavours. Hand harvesting of the old vines enables strict selection and quality control.

We strive to capture in a bottle the extraordinary natural beauty of this vineyard and the surrounding wild garrigue. No two years are the same. We hope for gentle rains in winter and spring to supplement the continuous source of water that flows mysteriously under the domaine. We can, however, be almost certain of long sunny summers to ripen the fruit to perfect maturity. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides. We work with nature, respecting her fragile balance by using only organic methods to control, when necessary, any pests and diseases. In the winery, minimum use is made of only organic products. When you open a bottle of our wine, we hope you experience through the aromas and flavours some of the magic of Haute Fontaine.

The Winery

Traditional techniques and know how are combined with modern equipment to produce wines of quality and personality. The wines are vinified in modern stainless steel vats, with temperatures and atmospheric gases carefully controlled. Premium wines are raised in oak barrels. A mixture of new barrels and barrels of several wines ensure that the wines are only lightly oaked. Other wines are raised in vats to produce fruity wines requiring little bottle ageing. The result is wines that are clean on the palette with full and complex aromas and flavours capturing the natural beauty of the vineyard.